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Client Services and Business Development

Photo of Rosalinda Avalos

Rosalinda Avalos

Director of Client Services

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Lifematters is a great company to grow with. I have awesome teammates, and I’m always learning more every day. It’s my second job in home care – previously I worked at a nursing home – and here, every day is a great experience.

Photo of Peter Clopton

Peter Clopton

Director of Business Development

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Peter Clopton is a leading expert in private duty home care for adult children (the sandwich generation) and spouses providing care to their family members. He oversees many of the staff and organizations utilizing Lifematters’ services in Maryland and Washington, D.C. Since 2009, Peter has greatly contributed to the successful growth of Lifematters in Maryland and Washington, D.C. He has achieved this by forming relationships and partnerships within the industry, meeting directly with families to personally match their needs with the appropriate caregivers, working in conjunction with the CEO, COO and management team to streamline company processes, training new employees, and creating educational presentations for leading hospitals, doctors, social workers, case managers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehab communities in the region. He also authored an article providing questions families should ask when searching for a home care agency, which was featured in Bethesda Magazine.

Peter is an avid member of the D.C. Senior Resource Group and the Grass Roots Organization for the Wellbeing of Seniors (GROW) which provides educational and networking opportunities for seniors, bringing together social service and government agencies, businesses, religious organizations, eldercare professionals and seniors for collaborative initiatives in addressing the needs of older adults.

Peter received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. A lifelong Washingtonian, Peter has fifteen years of management, sales and marketing experience and resides in Silver Spring, MD with his wife and three children.

Photo of Barbara Fedele

Barbara Fedele

Director of Client Services

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Barbara Fedele has been with Lifematters since 2014 and is director of client services.  Barbara has first-hand experience taking care of older adults and their families — she cared for both her aging parents while raising her own family and working.  She enjoys spending time with her two daughters, travelling, and watching football.

Photo of Jay Gutnick

Jay Gutnick

Director of Business Development

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Jay Gutnick has been with Lifematters since its inception and oversees business development. Jay’s interest in home care began when his mother who, suffering from a chronic and debilitating illness, began to require around-the-clock care.

Recognizing the immense need for qualified, skilled and compassionate caregivers but unable to find them, Jay became his mother’s caregiver, providing her care during the last years of her life. Jay’s passion for helping others in similar situations has been a driving force in his efforts for Lifematters.

In working with individuals with a wide range of conditions, Jay has a broad spectrum of knowledge of various physical and mental illnesses. However, the fight for the cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) has been his passion. An ardent fundraiser who plays an active role with the ALS Association, Jay, along with Lifematters, is a strong advocate for ALS patients and their families.

In addition, Jay sits on the board of Shared Horizons, a nonprofit organization created to manage pooled special needs trusts and designed to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities while protecting their assets and benefits; and is a board member for Becky’s Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping address domestic violence in all sectors of our community, establish prevention-based educational programs to counter domestic violence, and collaborate with others to find ways to change the behavior and thinking behind issues that cause and perpetuate domestic violence.

A resident of Washington, D.C., Jay received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Maryland.

Photo of Aimee Kim

Aimee Kim

Client Services Coordinator

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Aimee Kim started at Lifematters in 2016 as a client services coordinator.  She has volunteered at a wide variety of organizations helping minority and underserved populations. Aimee brings these experiences to Lifematters and says it motivates her to provide all clients the best care possible. Aimee likes to spend her free time travelling, hiking, running, and exploring the outdoors.

Photo of Jenny Letidjeu

Jenny Letidjeu

Client Services Coordinator

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Bio coming soon

Photo of Valerie Menke

Valerie Menke

Director of Client Services

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I always find it very fulfilling to see the impact that Lifematters has on our clients and their families; seeing how our caregivers really care about them, and become like part of the family. It’s so nice! I love my job, and also love my hobbies: reading, hiking and baking.

Photo of Gabriella Montagne

Gabriella Montagne

Client Service Coordinator

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Bio coming soon

Photo of Marilyn Rippetoe

Marilyn Rippetoe

Director of Client Services

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Marilyn has been working with seniors for more than six years. A licensed social worker, she received her Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Maryland. Marilyn, like many of the Lifematters team, was born and raised in Maryland.  She lives in Northwest Washington, DC with her husband and toddler son, Nathaniel.

Photo of Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart

Executive Director of Client Services

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Karen Stewart has been working with Lifematters since January of 2009. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at The Catholic University of America and George Washington University, respectively. Karen is the daughter of an aging mother and knows first-hand the joys and challenges that brings. Karen has been married for 30+ years to her husband Doug, and is the proud mother of two wonderful, successful young millennials, James and Victoria. She enjoys walking, playing with her dog Max, and spending weekends at the beach.

Photo of Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

Client Services Coordinator

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Born and raised in Washington, DC, I am a graduate of Benjamin Banneker High School and also attended Bucknell University. In my spare time, I am a Martial Arts instructor, an amateur novelist and linguist, and a lover of sports, puppies and wine. And, I’m delighted to be with Lifematters!

Photo of Rich Willis

Rich Willis

Executive Director of Client Services

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Rich Willis joined Lifematters in 2008 as a file clerk. He was quickly promoted to the accounting department, and is now the Executive Director of Client Services. Rich’s experience in home care began when he was his grandfather’s caregiver, taking care of his daily needs and administering his home dialysis treatments.

A native of New York City, he attended Frostburg State University and now resides in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.

Photo of Shelby Windmuller

Shelby Windmuller

Director of Community and Client Services

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Shelby joined Lifematters in 2016 as the Director of Client Community Services. She earned her Bachelors degree from Christopher Newport University and her Masters degree in Social Work from George Mason University. As having originally pursued Nursing, and having completed two years of nursing pre-recs, Shelby joins the team with a good basis of medical knowledge. She comes to Lifematters with experience in nursing home, assisted living and hospice work and is passionate about serving the geriatric population.

Shelby has lived overseas in Melbourne, Australia and Vienna, Austria and loves traveling/learning about new cultures. She ran competitively for 7 years, partly in overseas championships and traveled throughout Europe for races/competitions. In her free time, she enjoys running, watching foreign films, eating sushi and shopping.


Photo of Marie Rogers-Clarkson

Marie Rogers-Clarkson

Clinical Director

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Marie Rogers-Clarkson has been in nursing for more than two decades. As Clinical Director for Lifematters, she oversees all clinical aspects of the organization. All staff RNs report directly to Marie, and she is ultimately responsible for the outcome of all Lifematters’ caregivers’ work. She interviews every candidate for caregiving positions to ensure that clinically, the applicant meets Lifematters’ high standards. She works with Staff Nurses and Clinical Services Directors to assess the ongoing needs of Lifematters’ clients, and she is involved, whenever necessary, in our clients’ care.

Marie also provides basic training for our caregivers, and works with training personnel from affiliated organizations to deliver disease-specific training programs to our staff. She gets great satisfaction in seeing the caregivers’ smiles when they know they will be better able to fulfill the needs of the clients.

Marie worked in hospitals, long-term care, and rehabilitation centers before following in her grandmother’s footsteps and joining the home care arena. Past roles have included Director of Nursing, Long-Term Care Administrator, Nurse Educator, Quality Improvement Director, Infection Control, and Endoscopy Nurse.

A Washington D.C. native, Marie earned her Nursing Degree from the Catholic University of America.

Photo of Sarah Galloway

Sarah Galloway

Nursing Supervisor

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Sarah Galloway comes to Lifematters with more than 20 years of experience as a healthcare professional in hospital, care facility, and home health settings. Following many years as a pediatric nurse, Sarah focused her skills in the field of hospital case management. At Inova Fairfax Hospital, she worked on behalf of patients and families to coordinate hospital discharges and provide technical assistance to support patient transitions. This experience led to Sarah’s interest in working with the senior population and she joined Greenspring Village, a continuing care retirement community in Springfield, VA. While there, Sarah assessed the residents’ home medical needs and supported the resident and their families with the transition to assisted living. Additional experience creating and implementing client care plans for a local home health care company will be an asset to her as an nursing supervisor. In addition to her extensive professional experience, Sarah gained a deep personal experience in geriatric care while shepherding both parents through several care transitions. Sarah has a strong understanding of clients’ needs and advocate on their behalf. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from George Mason University.

Photo of Megan Janetis

Megan Janetis

Nursing Supervisor

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I recently graduated from Salisbury University, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, and I am excited to begin my nursing career with Lifematters, as I enjoy working with older adults and helping take care of Lifematters clients. I love of beaches, cats and cat lovers, and also enjoy spending time with my niece and nephew.

Photo of Ambika KC

Ambika KC

LPN, Site Manager at The Jefferson

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Ambika KC joined Lifematters in 2015 as an LPN Site Manager.  She has over a year of nursing experience and nearly a decade of healthcare administrative experience. Ambika is dedicated to help her clients live and be cared for with respect and dignity. Much of this was instilled in her when her own grandfather became ill and she helped care for him.  Ambika is married and enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and relaxing.

Photo of Cynthia Liss

Cynthia Liss

Nursing Supervisor

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Photo of Kathleen Morris

Kathleen Morris

Nursing Supervisor

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I’m a registered nurse, and I truly enjoy working with elderly people. I like talking with them and helping them stay in their own homes, whether they are in a house or an independent or assisted living facility. I’m also a new mom, so it’s interesting and fun to spend my time with the very young all the way to an older population.

Care Management (Maryland & DC)

Photo of Susan Perry

Susan Perry

LCSW, C-ASWCM, Executive Director of Care Management

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Susan Perry is the Executive Director of Care Management at Lifematters. Susan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia who comes to Lifematters with over 20 years of experience in the acute care, long term care, rehabilitation, home care, and hospice care settings. Throughout her career, Susan has had the opportunity to work with aging adults and has served as a member of the Geriatric Consultation Team at a major Virginia hospital. Susan has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Susan is a super organizer at heart and loves scrapbooking, watching movies and especially enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Bordeaux. 

Susan’s enthusiasm and passion for her work is clearly evident as she strives to provide the most comprehensive care for her clients. She became a care manager to “be able to support my clients on many different levels, while doing whatever possible to enhance their daily quality of life.”


Photo of Paulette Bryan

Paulette Bryan

MSW, LGSW, MLSP, Care Manager

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Paulette is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker with Lifematters. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Delaware in 1986 and with a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988. Paulette also obtained a Master of law and social policy degree.

Growing up, Paulette volunteered with her mother at the Red Cross, by doing so, her mother instilled a love and appreciation for the elder community at a young age. She likes to travel and especially loves to read and watch the Sci-fi genre.

Paulette has worked in various medical settings ranging from hospitals, nursing homes, home health care agencies and hospice, psychiatric hospitals, adult day centers and legislative work on Capitol Hill all specializing in the care and advocacy of seniors. She is very excited to continue her professional growth with Lifematters Care Management.

Photo of Daphne DeSouza

Daphne DeSouza

MSN, RN, Care Manager

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Daphne grew up in East Africa and Canada where she received a BA in psychology. She received her nursing diploma in Toronto and worked in the acute care setting for many years. She relocated to Washington to be closer to her family and continued to work in acute care. Daphne went back to school to earn her Masters in Nursing at Catholic University in 1993. Daphne is a member of the Virginia Nurses Association and the Home Healthcare Nurses Association. Her work experience includes:

  • Assistant coordinator of a unit in Geriatrics
  • Home care
  • Adult day care
  • Leader of an Alzheimer’s support group

Daphne is married, has four children and a dog. She is known for meeting challenges head-on with intelligence and grace. This is who you want in your corner during a crisis. She is the calm in the storm. In her spare time, Daphne enjoys gardening, cooking, knitting, exercising and traveling.

Daphne believes working as part of an interdisciplinary team is the key to success. She enjoys communicating with elderly adults and their families, especially in times of crisis. Daphne is passionate about using her nursing skills to gain knowledge of elderly adults and then to advocate for them.

Photo of Kara Genderson

Kara Genderson

LCSW-C, CLCP, C-ASWCM, Care Manager

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Bio coming soon.

Photo of Kathryn (Kitty) Hollister

Kathryn (Kitty) Hollister

Senior Friendly Visitor

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Kathryn was born in Pittsburgh, went to college in West Virginia and then moved to Maryland to be closer to the ocean. Kitty, as she is known to all, likes to organize everyone and everything. Downsizing is her hobby. Kitty has work in the financial industry for over 30 years so she can balance a check book, read a financial spreadsheet and do all sorts of math in her head (we are all so jealous). Kitty is second to none at handling daily money management, sorting through documents and de-cluttering. She likes chocolate, the Outer Banks and her two golden retrievers, Holly and Cody. Her passion is working with older adults in helping them downsize, moving to a new location, and beginning the next chapter in their life. Kitty’s positive attitude is contagious. She believes that it’s not what you have but who you have in your life that matters most.

Photo of Wintana Kiros

Wintana Kiros

RDN, LDN, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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Wintana Kiros is a certified Registered Dietitian and state licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. She graduated from University of Maryland College Park with her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. Over the past six years, she has worked as a clinical dietitian at Johns Hopkins Hospital,  ARAMARK Healthcare in Baltimore as well as at long-term care and rehabilitation facilities across Maryland.

Wintana is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is passionate in the area of wellness and power of preventative nutrition therapy. Her nutritional services focus on:

  • Cardiovascular Nutrition: Utilizing food as a medicine to improve the signs and symptoms of the disease permanently.
  • Diabetes Management: Developing a personalized food plan to regulate glucose levels.
  • Healthy Eating: Catering to an individual’s specific needs in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wintana has that uber-rare mix of right and left brain skills: nutrition and fashion; technology and nature. These worlds collide in all of her encounters. She supports having one adventure every day. She is extremely passionate about promoting health and wellness. She is a frequent radio guest on Johns Hopkins Urban Health Radio and regularly volunteers at local health fairs.

As a new mom, Wintana thrives on helping others. She flourishes when able to incorporate her experience in modeling by styling and updating clients’ wardrobes to help them be their best.

Photo of Julia Lee

Julia Lee

MSW, LCSW-C, Care Manager

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Julia grew up in St. Louis, MO. She attended Smith College in Massachusetts where she earned her BA in psychology. She also attended Washington University in St. Louis and received her Master’s in Social Work. In order to better understand Korean culture and etiquette as well as obtain Korean language proficiency, Julia attended Yonsei University is Seoul, Korea in an intensive language program for one year. Returning to the States, Julia has worked for Easter Seals as well as several medical facilities in both Chicago and St. Louis. Her work experience includes:

  • Clinical care reviewer with providers of mental health and chemical dependency
  • Assessment, treatment planning, case management and discharge planning
  • Counseling, therapy and advocacy in medical and psychiatric settings
  • Life crisis services and suicide/homicide risk intervention for older adults

Julia is married with three children. She’s a field hockey aficionado with awesome stick skills. Her greatest reward is working with older adults who believe it is never too late to be who you might have been.

Photo of Karen Miller

Karen Miller

Friendly Visitor Specialist

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Born and raised in Annandale, Karen lived in Virginia until 2000, when she moved to Maryland. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Leisure Services with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation from Radford University. Karen conducts initial and annual assessments as well as develops individual and group programs in order to help maintain or improve the physical, social, and emotional well-being of older adults. Her work experience includes:

  • Senior Recreation Therapist at the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington
  • Recreation Therapist with the Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC

Karen is a self-proclaimed Dance Mom who’s a regular road warrior on the Irish dance competition circuit. Togetherness is essential to her family life. Karen is married with two children and a rescue dog named Levi. Active in her children’s school, she is a parent volunteer with Mary of Nazareth Catholic School.

Karen loves working with older adults because she feels she learns so much from them. She radiates joy and shares it freely with others. Karen thrives on looking for ways to provide quality to their lives through physical, intellectual, social and emotional programs.

Photo of Lynda Mulhauser

Lynda Mulhauser

PhD, MSW, Care Manager/Therapist

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A native of Bridgton, New Jersey, Lynda received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and her Master’s degree from The Catholic University. After practicing Social Work for 20 years she furthered her education and received her PhD in Social Work from The Catholic University. Lynda’s  extensive work experience includes:

  • Hospital Social Worker
  • Adjunct Professor at The Catholic University
  • Adjunct Lecturer at Children’s National Medical Center
  • Published author and a private practice of Clinical Social Work

Lynda loves to travel, read and hang with friends. Never one to overlook the power of simplicity, she has an ear ready to listen and a hand always willing to help. She is the proud mother of two wonderful children.

Lynda likes to see peace return to a family after a situation when they work together to solve an issue. She focuses on the strengths of her clients and uses cognitive techniques, humor, and creative projects to help clients feel safe and successful.

Photo of Roberta Petrishko

Roberta Petrishko

Friendly Visitor Specialist

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Roberta is from Cleveland, Ohio, the unofficial capital of the North Coast. She moved to Maryland to be closer to her two grandchildren. She intends to be the first in line for season tickets when LeBron leaves the Cavaliers for the Wizards. Yes, Roberta loves basketball. In her free time, Roberta likes to read, talk to strangers, and plan her next holiday somewhere in England (where she lived for a few years). She shares her couch with a golden retriever named Max. Her passion is working with older adults, especially those struggling with mental health issues. Roberta has the most infectious personality. She believes that challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Photo of Kathy Rickard

Kathy Rickard

Friendly Visitor Specialist

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Kathy is a Washingtonian. She has a Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Maryland and an Early Childhood Education degree from Montgomery College. She has worked in the community with older adults and their families for nearly twenty years. Kathy is a member of GROWS as well as a member of the National Council of Catholic Women. Her work experience includes:

  • Program coordinator for a senior center in Montgomery County
  • Admissions and marketing directors in both assisted and independent living communities
  • Assistant director for an assistant living community in Montgomery County

Kathy is an avid golfer. When not obsessing over her two grandkids, she’s reading, watching Redskins football or taking care of her menagerie of animals. Kathy has coordinated a volunteer outreach meal ministry in her parish for twenty years and she has served as a Eucharistic Minister visiting local senior communities. Kathy smiles often, laughs a lot and believes there’s always something to be thankful for.

Kathy’s passion is helping others. She works to bring enjoyment to those she assists and looks forward to seeing eyes sparkle a little brighter by the care and compassion she gives to each person she serves. 

Care Management (Virginia)

Photo of Susan Perry

Susan Perry

LCSW, C-ASWCM, Executive Director of Care Management

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Susan Perry is the Executive Director of Care Management at Lifematters. Susan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia who comes to Lifematters with over 20 years of experience in the acute care, long term care, rehabilitation, home care, and hospice care settings. Throughout her career, Susan has had the opportunity to work with aging adults and has served as a member of the Geriatric Consultation Team at a major Virginia hospital. Susan has a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Susan is a super organizer at heart and loves scrapbooking, watching movies and especially enjoys taking long walks with her dog, Bordeaux. 

Susan’s enthusiasm and passion for her work is clearly evident as she strives to provide the most comprehensive care for her clients. She became a care manager to “be able to support my clients on many different levels, while doing whatever possible to enhance their daily quality of life.”


Photo of Margaret Vaccaro

Margaret Vaccaro

LCSW, C-ASWCM, MSG, Clinical Director of Care Management

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Margaret Vaccaro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and gerontologist. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Mary Washington, a Master of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Master of Science in Gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Margaret is excited at the opportunity to provide care management for individuals and loved ones who are navigating the various opportunities and challenges of the aging process.

Margaret is an accomplished college athlete and continues to play soccer, go hiking and enjoying the outdoors. She also has a passion for reading, learning and experiencing new cultures.

Margaret comes to Lifematters with experience in geriatric mental health, home health medical social work, hospital social work, discharge planning, support group facilitation, and adult day programming. She seeks to support clients by maximizing their strengths and capabilities to create a rich aging experience. Margaret specifically enjoys providing counseling to individuals and families who are experiencing challenges related to life transitions, mental health needs, or aging related stressors.

Photo of Alicea Ardito

Alicea Ardito

MSW, Care Manager

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Alicea Ardito is a native of the Washington D.C. area.  She received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Arizona State University in 2000 and a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from George Mason University in 2013. Alicea has worked with older adults in a number of community settings with the ultimate goal of partnering with her clients to help them to be as independent as possible. Other professional and volunteer experience include working with homeless persons and in hospice and palliative care where the focus has been grief and loss issues with providing caregiver support.

When away from her work, Alicea enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing soccer, teaching yoga, cooking and daydreaming about her next travel adventure.

Alicea joined the Lifematters team in August 2016 and is excited to be working with a diverse group of professionals.


Photo of Cathy Bryan

Cathy Bryan

MSN, CNS, RN, Care Manager

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Cathy Bryan comes to Care Options with over 30 years of inpatient and outpatient acute and long term care experience. Cathy has worked at Inova Fairfax Hospital, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: inpatient, and outpatient at its Child Guidance Center, the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Her career includes serving as an adjunct professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing and was the recipient of the Nursing Excellence Award at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Cathy is an RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania, received her Master of Science in Psychiatric Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, and has been board certified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing for 30 years.

Cathy loves to spend time with her adult children and husband of 26 years. She enjoys practicing yoga and taking long walks on Northern Virginia trails with her dog.  

Cathy is dedicated to helping clients and their families navigate care beyond health to ensure dignity and well-being.


Photo of Corie Dean

Corie Dean

MS Gerontology, Care Manager

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Corie originally began working with Lifematters as a Friendly Visitor and enjoyed the relationships with her clients so much that she decided to pursue a career in gerontology. She obtained her Master of Science in Gerontology from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia and recently moved back to the area to become a Care Manager with Lifematters. Prior to moving back to the metropolitan area, Corie worked as a Client Care Manager for a home health agency in Richmond, as well as the Department of Gerontology during her time in graduate school. Her background includes an array of experience in the event planning, travel, and recreational sectors, which she is excited to bring to the Care Management realm.

Corie is always in the pursuit of fine cuisine, throwing dinner parties and exploring new restaurants in the DC area. In her free time she enjoys leisurely biking and traveling abroad.

Corie has always been close to her grandmothers as they have been a constant inspiration. Being drawn towards the older population, Corie thinks that they are a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight and finds them extremely refreshing company.

Photo of Karine Desir

Karine Desir

MSW, LSW, Care Manager

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Bio coming soon

Photo of Kathleen Hanrahan

Kathleen Hanrahan

Administrative Manager

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Photo of Kerrin Horning

Kerrin Horning

MSW, Director of Friendly Visitors

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Kerrin Horning, originally from upstate New York, has been working her way down south since graduating from Gettysburg College in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science. Post-college, she served as an AmeriCorps member, teaching English as a second language at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. Kerrin then returned to school to earn her Master of Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA. After graduating from VCU, Kerrin worked in the nonprofit-sector with ACT for Alexandria, a community foundation providing services in Alexandria, VA.

Kerrin is a life-long runner and enjoys hiking, finding new trails in the DC area and relaxing with friends and family.

Kerrin joined the Care Options team in July 2016. She is excited to be a part of a dedicated, talented group of individuals working to provide high quality home care and care management services for families in the metro area.

Photo of Paul Stolzenbach

Paul Stolzenbach

LCSW, Care Manager

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Paul Stolzenbach is a Care Manager with Care Options and is a licensed clinical social worker. He has over forty years of experience in the field of social work including experience in psychiatry, community mental health, discharge planning, and as director of care management in a major Virginia hospital. Paul is a member of the Society of Social Work Leadership in Health Care and in 1999 he was selected as the Administrator of the Year by the Virginia State chapter. Paul received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Allegheny College and a Master of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh.

Paul is a veteran of the U.S. Army who served in Vietnam. In his spare time you can find him hiking, reading or enjoying a jigsaw puzzle at home.

Paul knows that the healthcare and community resource system can be cumbersome and complicated but enjoys helping clients get the services they need and “making sense of the confusion.”


Photo of Craig Ackerson

Craig Ackerson

IT Manager

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Craig Ackerson joined Lifematters in 2015 as IT Manager. Craig is a senior network engineer with 20 years of experience managing secure voice and data network infrastructure for both internal and external clients. He designed and managed network and datacenter hosting business intelligence applications for Fortune 500 clients. He also provided consulting services and project management to external clients ensuring on time completion of network migrations and hardware/software upgrades.

Photo of Todd Bayliss

Todd Bayliss

Director of Marketing

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Todd came to Lifematters in the summer of 2016 after 20 years in the digital space. Levering his varied experience leading projects and providing strategic consulting services to his clients, Todd now takes on all facets of brand management, advertising and marketing efforts for Lifematters. When not in one of our DC-area offices, he can be found out in the field networking with the local community and developing partnerships to help better serve the needs of seniors and those requiring care.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Pennsylvania, Todd settled in the Northern Virginia region after graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.A. in English in 1991. He currently resides in McLean with his wife and soccer-loving stepson.

Photo of Kristin Chang

Kristin Chang

Assistant Controller

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Kristin Chang has been the Assistant Controller with Lifematters since 2012. She brings seven years of experience in the home health industry. Her detail-oriented nature, combined with strong analytical and problem solving skills, has enabled Kristin to supervise the accounting department while supporting operations.

She is involved in all aspects of accounts payable and receivable, payroll, accounting and tax matters, financial statements, bank and vendor account reconciliation, financial statements, budgets, and more. Prior to joining Lifematters, Kristin was a Senior Accountant for companies including theater productions, restaurants, and cafes. The diversity and work culture that Lifematters offers are attributes Kristin appreciates. Always busy, she says that at the Lifematters’ office, “there is never a dull moment.”

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Government and Politics, as well as her Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting, from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. An avid fan of the arts and an animal lover, Kristin lives in Rockville, MD.

Photo of Rhizza Dela Cruz

Rhizza Dela Cruz

Director of Recruitment and Compliance

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I’ve been with Lifematters for 10 years, since its very beginning. It’s my home! When I’m at my other home (where I live), I keep busy with my children. And I love the arts.

Photo of Joe Esparraguera

Joe Esparraguera

Chief Financial Officer

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Joe joined Lifematters in 2015 as CFO. Joe brings 25 years of experience as a corporate finance professional and CPA to Lifematters. Before joining Lifematters, Joe ran his own finance consulting business, JE Consulting, focused on helping small and mid-size companies with their accounting, tax and financial structure needs. He has successfully helped staffing companies, venture capital firms and several start-up ventures through JE Consulting.

Prior to JE Consulting, Joe was CFO for Resolvit, Inc. – a national IT staffing and consulting firm. At Resolvit, Joe led the effort to turn around a struggling finance and accounting function and helped Resolvit create the base for growth. Joe was also the VP of Finance and Human Resources for Linens of the Week, a national linen service business, where he developed a robust finance and HR team that implemented many new reporting and compliance tools.

A native of the Washington, DC area, Joe served in the US Army after graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park. After the Army, Joe began his career as a CPA at a local firm. After a few years in public accounting, Joe worked as controller/CFO for a succession of venture capital backed start-ups. He played a significant role in the fund raising efforts of these ventures, raising millions of dollars in equity or debt over a 10 year period.

Joe lives with his wife in Gaithersburg, Maryland and has two children.

Photo of Annette Fletcher

Annette Fletcher


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Annette Fletcher has been with Lifematters since 2013 and is a human resources assistant.  She attended St. Paul’s College.  Prior to working with Care Options, Annette worked in the hotel industry for 21 years, 10 of those as a human resource manager.  For three years she was the caregiver for her own mother, while working and raising her son.  Annette is also a Notary Public, and holds a Train-the-Trainer certification. Annette enjoys bowling, singing, and traveling.

Photo of Craig Goodman

Craig Goodman

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

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Craig joined Lifematters in 2009 as a partner and president of the Lifematters Virginia office. In 2012, he added the title of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Lifematters Maryland and DC offices to his resume.

Craig brings more than three decades of experience in operations, business development and marketing. Before joining Lifematters, Craig was an investor and served as the Vice President of Business Development for Silver Nation, LLC, which developed and launched two innovative programs, Manage On My Own and SeniorChecked, created to support older people with their desire to “age in place”.

Before joining Silver Nation, for many years Craig was the National Sales Director for Murry’s Family of Fine Foods. He was also a Partner/Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Washington Seafood, Inc. With both companies, Craig developed, marketed and launched several innovative food products to the supermarket industry.

A native of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Craig launched his business career as the owner/operator of a number of award-winning and critically acclaimed local restaurants. In this position, he was responsible for all aspects of operations from site selection, lease negotiation, and design and construction of the physical plants to restaurant concept, menu development, administrative systems, and hiring and training of staff.

A proud supporter of Kidsave,the organization that introduced Craig and his wife to their son, who they adopted in 2011, Craig also serves on the board of directors at Christ Episcopal School. He has three daughters; one is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and one a Licensed Speech Pathologist. His oldest daughter has a successful career in product development in the skin care/fragrance industry and is also mom to Craig’s two grandsons.

Photo of Angela Hamilton

Angela Hamilton

Accounts Receivable

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Angela Hamilton started at Lifematters in 2016 in accounts receivable.  She holds a BA from George Mason University.   Before joining Care Options, Angela worked in other accounting positions for 11 years. She is dedicated to ensuring that older adults are treated fairly and with compassion and empathy. Angela enjoys playing guitar, photography and she speaks Greek and French.

Photo of Shannon Lamoreaux

Shannon Lamoreaux

Director of Quality Assurance

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Shannon Lamoreaux began working with Lifematters in October 2011. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Salisbury University and her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and enjoys working with the geriatric population and their families. Shannon enjoys foreign movies, yoga, and attending concerts, and she also has a pet rabbit.

Photo of Peter Loew

Peter Loew

Director of Human Resources

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Peter joined Lifematters in January 2015. He has more than 20 years of experience in human resources, with substantial involvement in senior care. He served as a Director of Human Resources in the senior care and housing industries for Leisure World, Ingleside at King Farm and Peconic Landing, helping two Continuing Care Retirement Communities become accredited organizations. He was an HR Consultant for The Personnel Office in Vienna, VA, and worked in Human Resources with Pensat International Communications, Inc., the American Public Human Services Association, and NAFSA: Association of International Educators, all of which are located in Washington, D.C.

Peter received his MS Degree in Personnel & Human Resource Management from the American University in Washington, DC. He became a Certified Aging Services Professional “CASP” in 2013 and is a founding Board member for Little Falls Village, an aging-in-place village in Bethesda, MD. He lives in Bethesda, MD with his wife and two sons.

Photo of Sheri Loff

Sheri Loff

Recruiter MD/DC

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As Staffing Services Coordinator, I collaborate with Lifematters colleagues from every major department — Clinical, Client Services, Human Resources, Accounting — to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that our clients receive the best services starting from the back office all the way through their home care engagement. Everyone here is kind, including senior leadership. The atmosphere is upbeat and friendly; everyone works together, helps one another, and is exceptionally approachable. It’s the perfect size — large enough to provide the best home care services available, but small enough that we can be entrepreneurial and that our suggestions are heard and, if good, implemented.

It’s a fast-paced environment and always interesting… and best of all, we know what we are doing is truly helping people in important ways.

Photo of Sheelah Malicse

Sheelah Malicse

Recruitment Strategist

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Photo of Tori Mclean

Tori Mclean

Human Resources Generalist

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Lifematters is a great place to work. It’s a very family oriented environment, where we are all encouraged to work hard, be creative, and share ideas. The people I work with, office staff and caregivers, are a true team.

Photo of Tutu Mustapha

Tutu Mustapha

Flexcare Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Laily Nabizada

Laily Nabizada

Staff Accountant

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This is my second time working with Lifematters. I worked here as a Staff Accountant for 1-1/2 years, leaving in March 2013 when my daughter, Madina, arrived and I became a stay-at-home mom. I’m excited to return to Lifematters, as I greatly enjoy the people, the atmosphere, and the work environment.

Photo of Michelle Pardillo

Michelle Pardillo

IT Administrator

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Michelle Pardillo joined Lifematters in 2009 as an IT Administrator. She has over 16 years of experience in healthcare/IT settings and serving the older adult community.

Michelle spends a lot of time with her 2 children and volunteers with their Girl Scout troop and High School Marching Band. She enjoys travelling and riding her motorcycle with her husband of 20 years.

Michelle always had an interest in healthcare IT and finds working with older adults very rewarding.

Photo of Chaleka Price

Chaleka Price

Human Resources Assistant

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Chaleka Price joined Lifematters in 2016 as a human resources assistant. Chaleka brings 10 years of human resource experience to the position. In addition, she has first-hand experience caring for older adults and their families. She volunteered her time as a regular piano player at the long-term care facility where her grandmother lived, and then for another facility. Chaleka was raised in Maryland and has two daughters.  She is active in the arts including painting, drawing, design, and of course, piano.

Photo of Sue Proser

Sue Proser

Billing Coordinator

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Sue Proser joined Lifematters in 2015 in the accounts receivable department. Prior to this position, Sue worked for 15 years with CMA, now part of Lifematters. Sue attended Bucks County Community College and studied early childhood education. Sue is active in the organ donation community, enjoys pottery, and working with computers. She has been married for 36 years and has two sons.

Photo of Diane Resnick

Diane Resnick

Payroll Manager

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Lifematters is a nice place to work, with a friendly staff and a busy, active daily schedule. Plus, it feels nice to know that what I do every day is making a difference in people’s lives.

Photo of Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Scott is an award-winning entrepreneur and investor with demonstrated experience in service, strategy, operations, financing, and M&A. He has founded and led a handful of successful companies across several business sectors, most recently in health care, and has been the recipient of Inc. Magazine’s “500/5000 Fastest Growing Companies” award eight times. In 2004, Scott established Lifematters which has been recognized in Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies for the past six consecutive years. Scott acquired Care Management Associates (CMA) in 2011, which assists families in implementing and overseeing plans for care of their loved ones. Staffed with nurses, social workers and physical and speech therapists, CMA ensures clients receive the specialized services each requires.

In 1996, prior to creating Lifematters, Scott founded a professional employer organization, HR Tech, with $5,000. Six years later, he sold the company when it reached $132 million in revenue. He also established Intraforce.com, an application-services provider delivering Intranets over the Internet to small businesses nationwide, and Benetech, a health insurance agency that sold group insurance contracts with an emphasis on the staffing sector.

With a keen interest in diverse industries, Scott continues to exercise his entrepreneurial skills and spirit by identifying and investing in start-up and early stage companies in various categories. He has plans underway to expand the Lifematters Group of Companies to include Lifematters University, which will provide training to caregivers and other home care professionals; memory care assisted living residences, nutritious meal deliveries, wearables for seniors to help enhance their safety through medical monitoring, and “just in time” Uber-type care.
Scott is a Cum Laude graduate of Millersville University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. A world traveler and avid adventurer, he has visited 40-plus countries, has run with the bulls in Spain, and loves all types of motorcycles. He resides in a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.


• Lifematters receives Best in Bethesda award from Bethesda Magazine
• Lifematters receives Best in Home Care Employer of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse
• Lifematters is selected for the 2015 Best of Bethesda Award in the Home Care & Skilled Nursing Category by the Bethesda Award Program

• Lifematters receives Best in Home Care Employer of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse

2009 – 2015 (seven consecutive years)
• Inc. Magazine names Lifematters one of its 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America

• Lifematters is ranked Best in Class for Home Health Care by Bethesda Magazine
• SmartCEO names LifeMatters to its Future 50 list

• The Gazette of Politics & Business names Thompson one of its 25 CEOs You Need
to Know

• Inc. Magazine ranks Lifematters as the 65th Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in America, with Lifematters placing 4th on the Magazine’s health-care industry list

• Thompson becomes an Inc. Magazine 500 CEO as Intraforce.com is named the
101st Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in America

• Intraforce.com is named to the Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 program

• Intraforce.com is a recipient of the Baltimore Business Journal’s Excellence
Award in eBusiness

• Ernst & Young awards Thompson, while CEO of HR Tech, the coveted
Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Photo of Olivia Winant

Olivia Winant

Clinical Administrative Assistant

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Before joining Lifematters, I worked as a geriatric caregiver with a home care company, as a private service, home-based GNA, and as a volunteer for Montgomery Hospice and Beale Elementary School. I have a Bachelor of Science degree, and while in college I studied abroad in Italy. I was a member of the NCAA Varsity Soccer Team throughout college, and in 2009, won the NCAA Varsity Soccer Most Improved Player Award. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, baking, and of course, playing soccer with friends. I have a great appreciation for quality home care, and I am very excited to be a member of the Lifematters team.

Caregiver Spotlight: LifematterSTAR Awards

We are pleased and proud to introduce a few of our caregivers who have been identified by their supervisors, clients, and clients’ family members as consistently providing exemplary service and showing strong dedication. Always reliable, professional and compassionate, these LifematterSTARs are wonderful examples of the Lifematters Difference.

Photo of Julius Tikum

Julius Tikum

About Julius

Photo of Patience Setrana

Patience Setrana

Photo of Mary NK

Mary NK

Photo of Julius Nche

Julius Nche

Photo of Ivy Debrah

Ivy Debrah

Photo of Dora Donker

Dora Donker

Photo of Debrah Davis-Sruggs

Debrah Davis-Sruggs

Photo of Albert Sorh

Albert Sorh