Lifematters Testimonial

“I had a great experience with Lifematters – and my caregiver Vera Boateng was terrific. I was definitely attached to her. Vera was extremely bright and innovative – she would tackle difficult tasks like helping me set up my ice machine during my recovery from knee replacement surgery – I was very “out of it” from my pain medication and would’ve never figured it out on my own. I felt I could rely on her – she was simply the best.” – Judy (2021)

“Juliet Ndagire is intelligent, compassionate and tough. She has not allowed this 80-year-old stubborn Irishman to be lazy. And she is never demanding. She creates a logic that even this 80-year old can understand. She has a way about her that gets you to do things you don’t want to do and to feel good about it. And she does it all with a good sense of humor.” – Joan (2021)

“My husband was very healthy and worked as a construction missionary all over the world even in to his 80’s – so it was shocking when we heard he got sick and that we would not have much time left with him. It all happened very fast. His caregiver Daniel Antwi was an angel sent from heaven – he was just what we needed. He took care of my husband during hospice and treated him like he was his uncle. Daniel took one look at my husband on his first day and said he needed a shave – next thing I know he had the shaving cream on his face and gave him a great shave which we really appreciated. Right after the shave, he gave him a bath and put him in a fresh tee shirt – he got him all cleaned up and he looked very nice. Daniel loved him and cared for him beautifully. He was strong and could handle/reposition my husband in and out of bed with ease – my husband was a bit heavier so we were glad to have Daniel. Daniel really was a Godsend – my whole family agrees. Daniel made it possible for us to have my husband at home for hospice and we couldn’t have gone on without him. Daniel was worth every penny and really went above and beyond – he is a very hard worker and helped us get through a very difficult time.” -Mrs. W. (2021)

“Elizabeth Taggoe was excellent – we really liked her. She was patient, cooperative, helpful, and understanding – it ended up being a lot of hard work because my husband was basically dead weight. She did a great job and we really appreciated all of her help. On the last day when we took my husband to the hospital – she helped me and my son carry him down two flights of stairs to the car. She helped us through many trying times.” – Patti (2021)

“I have nothing bad to say about Lifematters. My caregivers Marion Sam and Rasheda Banu have gone above and beyond for me. Marion is very proactive, attentive, and really is my gift from God. If I needed something – she already knew about it two days ago. Rasheda was a “go getter” and would have tasks done for me before we even talked about them – its like they could both read my mind! Both Marion and Rasheda are very kind and great personality fits for me which is very important. Both of my caregivers are wonderful –two strangers I let in to my house on the first day have now become like my close friends. Marion in particular is so great with everything – and I have some strange needs – for example I have a cat who eats macaroni and cheese. Marion made my cat macaroni and cheese – no questions asked! Just amazing. It’s been a challenge but people like Marion make everything better – Lifematters is as good as it gets in this day and age.” – Cynthia (2021)

“I cannot thank Nicolla Nelson enough for all she did for my parents. Getting through the pandemic was not easy for anyone. How she was able to deal with her family in addition to ours, I will never know! Nicolla is a wonderful, caring person and an incredibly hard-working, dedicated individual. I will always be thankful for having her in our lives at this time. I look forward to staying in touch with her. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you.” -Mark (2021)

“Brittany Gonzalez was a God send – she really “knew” my mom –my mom trusted and loved her. I don’t know what we would’ve done without her – she knew which medications my mother was on and would always make sure she did not take too much or too little. My mom would have never figured it out on her own and all of us lived too far away to help. I can’t say enough about Brittany and Lifematters!” – Sue (2021)

“I can’t say enough good about Lifematters. My sister’s caregiver Marian Garbrah was a gift from God. Everyone that I dealt with at Lifematters was phenomenal, thoughtful, and understanding. There is not one person I spoke to that was not kind. I don’t know what we would have done without Marian. This was my first experience dealing with anything like this – I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I worked with Lifematters. Our care coordinator Aaron called me before we started care to ask what our needs were and made sure we found a caregiver that loves cats because my sister had 4 cats – that really stood out to me and meant a lot. I simply cannot say enough about our caregiver Marian – she used to send me videos and would always keep me updated – she cared for my sister with such grace and affection. Words cannot describe how much it meant to me that my sister received the best care during her time on hospice. When our priest came to visit my sister at her home – he called me to tell me how incredible Marian was. Lifematters came through in every way possible.”

-Sylvia (2021)

“John was on hospice, and I was very tired and overwhelmed. Your caregiver Hazel Smith was really great. She really hit it off with John – she called him “Papa John” and he called her “Momma Hazel” – it was sweet. She was very comforting to him. Tigist Abegaz also did a really wonderful job. The more experienced caregivers knew what to do without being told. I am very pleased with the care that John received and would recommend your organization to anyone.” – Martha (2021)

“Letitia Bonsu is virtually unique in the health profession in having cared for two individuals in the same household with vastly different needs and conditions. As noted at the very beginning of this Testimonial, she started as the caregiver for the late wife — a client with dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, who was also incontinent, and for a husband who had to cope with a walker due to a stroke but was otherwise a productive scholar and writer. Obviously, this situation presented many unique challenges, as Leticia had to balance providing routine care, running the household and seeing to medical appointments, in addition to which were her own personal needs, among which led ultimately to a degree as Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Quite another factor — often overlooked in multiple caregiving situations — is the mental stress on both the husband and caregiver of having to cope with the wife’s symptoms and reactions. Again, the solution was virtually unique: a daughter who is a licensed psychoanalyst — sometimes known as an “anxiety therapist.” She was an extremely valuable asset to both parties during these trying times. -Dr. B (2021)

“We were fortunate to have Lifematters care for our mother for a period of over 8 years. Through the ups and downs of her health and her needs, Lifematters was there for us. One of the most important factors were the caregivers and the flexibility of scheduling. At some periods Mom needed only part time care, at other times she needed 24-hour care at short notice. Lifematters would listen to our needs and call back promptly with the new schedule. Over the years, 2 or 3 of the caregivers were just incredibly special and developed a close relationship with my mom. In 2019-2020 we were lucky enough to have as a caregiver Lourdes Lopez Fiallos who was extraordinary. She would change her schedule to stay longer when mom needed her or she was concerned about something happening with mom. They developed a very strong friendship and relationship. Lourdes was great at communicating to us what
was going on and how she thought mom was doing. At a time of Covid and mom’s move to long term care and hospice, Lourdes was always there for her. During this time, we were only allowed to visit our mother once near the end due to Covid restrictions, but Lourdes was there and my mom knew it. When our mom passed, we could not be there and Lourdes was the one holding her hand. It meant the world to us.”-Dana (2021)

“I commend Lifematters’ Caregivers Eunice Mufushi, Vera Boateng, Manama Kamara, Electa Amum and Selam Tefera and scheduling staff for their outstanding service to my family in assisting my wife in her home during hospice care. From early April 2020 into late June 2020
there was always a Caregiver at our home. I am thankful for the caregivers listed who watched over my wife twenty-four hours each day for nearly three months. They were not only caring but, hardworking, dependable but treated my wife I feel in many cases, like their own grandmother (washing her hair, bathing her, holding her hands and whispering to her during the tough periods). I couldn’t be more pleased with their care. The Caregiver on duty left our home on that final day with tears upon my wife’s passing. For being like family and working extremely hard as my children did, I could easily call each one of them a blessing.”-Richard (2021)

“Lifematters was flexible, responsive, and truly wonderful. Francisca is truly a remarkable caregiver who treated my mom and the family with immense love and care. She sat by her bedside the entire day so my mom would never have to be alone and paid full attention to my mom; providing her with the things she liked and wanted. It was important for my mom to look presentable for her visitors, so Francisca would clean her, dress her, wash and dry her hair,
paint her nails and even give her full body massages with a lovely aloe cream to moisturize her body and invigorate blood flow. She expertly handled all of the nursing needs for my mom as well and advocated for the supplies we needed from hospice. She embraced our family with care, patience, and most of all, love. We could not have chosen a better care giver! Our
night caregiver, Afua Crentsil, was equally as wonderful with my mother. She allowed us to get the much needed sleep we required by taking care of all of our mom’s nighttime care and nursing needs so brilliantly. Thank you to Francisca and Afua for being a shining light in our time of need!”-Shawnee (2021)

“Vera Boateng and Mariam Nortey were part of the team that cared for our Mom during her illness. This all happened as Covid was just beginning and everyone was learning how to manage with this new way of life. Along with Covid and her disease they gave us the confidence in getting a good night sleep. We had great comfort in the care that she received from them and they aided us in the logs that we kept to monitor her medicine, blood pressure, etc. They
assisted us in making sure we sanitized the house nightly so that we all stayed healthy. As things changed with Mom’s illness these ladies were there to assist us. We could not have helped Mom on her journey without them. We had several other ladies part of the team as well and we thank them as well. Lifematters listened to us and worked with the family to find the right team that would work with us and with Mom. It is important to find a company that will listen to your comments. We had a few issues that needed to be worked out but we felt that
Lifematters listened to our suggestions.” – Anne (2021)
“Your company has heart. You are an organization that deals with a lot of pain and many situations that are not easy. I spoke with one of the Directors of Care Coordination, Aaron Swift, and he was there for me when I needed help. Your caregivers have experience in very specific diseases like Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases and the skills necessary to handle tough, complex situations. Aaron understood our situation and recommended resources even for palliative care. You are a company with heart when people are not strong. Everyone I spoke to was compassionate, understanding, and gave practical, experience based advice. I will never forget the people who helped me, even with just advice, when I needed it most.”-Ana (2021)

“I would like to publicly provide the highest praise I have ever given anyone to Joyce Cole, who cared for my wife Kathy. Kathy’s words were “You will never regret giving kindness.” She lived by those words, and obviously saw such care and kindness in Joyce. The two bonded in a manner that was joyous to see. Joyce became a member of our family, and we looked forward to her arrival, we shared dinners, and enjoyed shows together. I know Kathy is looking down with a smile on Joyce, and I will always remember her with unmatched fondness.” -Bob (2021)

“Leticia Bonsu has taken care of me for many years. Previously, she was also caregiver for
my late wife. After she died Leticia has continued to take care of me to the point that she is like a member of my family. For example, she sees to it that my house is kept spic-and-span according to her own rigorous standards — in spite of the weekly housecleaners I employ. As an added bonus she is a good cook, often preparing my favorite dishes and embellishing gourmet frozen food that I have ordered. And she drives me to my medical and other essential appointments, goes grocery shopping with or without me, while keeping track of needed food supplies in our larder. In short, I feel extremely fortunate indeed that I am able to keep Leticia as long as I’m alive! Finally, she is already a great nurse, extremely intelligent and caring,
and would make an excellent supervisor of caregivers and a wonderful role model as well.” – Dr. B. (2021)

“My experience with Lifematters was a very positive one. I lost my husband in October, so the holidays were really hard. My husband’s caregivers Sunkarie Mansaray, Henry Mbiji, and
Eric Mballa have all kept in touch with me and have been by to visit, they are all lovely people
and excellent caregivers – I was very impressed with the quality of caregiving they provided.
My husband and I really bonded with them. 20 minutes after I called them to inform them
that my husband had passed, Eric showed up at my front door to make sure I was ok and
asked if there was anything he could do for me. They have each expressed to me that they
miss my husband which is so sweet to hear. I truly believe they kept my husband alive – I am
so glad he did not have to be in a nursing home, especially during COVID. I actually just went
over to Sunkarie’s house yesterday to visit her newborn baby and brought her some toys,
clothes, and books. I’ve always told Sunkarie that I am the “American Grandma” to her
precious new baby! These caregivers were and still are like my children, we always looked
forward to having them be a part of our household. I want to recognize Eric for really going
above and beyond. I was not planning on decorating for Christmas this year. He actually
came over and set up my Christmas tree for me – just out of the goodness of his heart. He
then came over after Christmas to take down the tree for me, it meant so much to me! I could
not be happier with Lifematters and I was so floored at how thoughtful and caring these
caregivers are. I also got a new “grandchild” out of this experience! The administrative staff
was great too – anytime an issue or problem came up the company was very responsive.
Lifematters runs a tight ship and has a great organization. Thank you to everyone that helped
with my husband’s care.”-Joyce (2021)

“Tyrone Gibson, a Lifematters caregiver, which any patient or family member wants for their loved one. His ethical and moral constitution is outstanding. He is always on time, showing respect and care for his patient/ I met Tyrone in September of 2019 when my brother was at The Residence on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. my brother had fallen in his home in Ocean City and came to Washington, D.C. for medical treatment. My brother’s personality was not always the best but could be most difficult if he was not respected. He was totally self-sufficient living in a four-story home so being dependent on others was at best difficult. He fell in early July and went to The Residence in late July. We hired multiple caregivers that lacked both commune sense and caring I could provide ample examples but that would be at best useless. The point is once we met Tyrone he was my brother’s primary caregiver until the day he passed on April 3, 2020. So let me tell you about Tyrone. From day one, I recognized he was different. He actually looked at my brother’s records noting that he was a vegetarian and until recently totally self-efficient. Tyrone worked with my brother almost every day. He was always positive, respectful, and caring. If he thought that something was wrong he would immediately tell me and usually, he was correct. He could tell if my brother was suffering from a urinary tract infection, dehydration, or a bacterial infection. My brother did not like at all the way the nurses washed him. Tyrone told me not to worry, he would bath Nick even though it was not in his job description. He always made certain that Nick was well dressed and taken around the Residence’s to interact with others. When Nick had a doctor’s appointment Tyrone would be certain not only did he have a copy of all the necessary papers, that Nick was appropriately dressed, and the car service was on time and took care of putting and locking Nick in the car. Tyrone was a God sent individual. Even though I visited my brother on a daily basis, on those occasions when I could not visit, Tyrone told me not to worry. He and Nick would be fine. Each time Nick had to go to the hospital, who was there Tyrone. Any time Tyrone would leave for the day, he made certain that Nick knew where his water was, his cell phone, and the TV remote. Tyrone never got tired of listening to one of my brother’s stories, even if he had heard it one hundred times. He never lost his patience, his understanding, and never took away my brother’s self-respect. My brother died on April 3, a time we were mandated to be home. Tyrone would face time every day for my brother and I to see each other. When my brother passed away, Tyrone was there, when my brother was taken away, Tyrone was there, and Tyrone helped me through my sorrow and grief. Tyrone is such a special person that words are inadequate to express my feeling or gratitude. Each day I am grateful for Tyrone and how he
made a most difficult, heart wrenching situation, easier. He is a gift.”-Mary Hope (2021)

“My family had a positive experience with all of the Lifematters aides who worked with us. We
couldn’t have cared for my husband in our home without their professional and compassionate care. Several caregivers in particular had an innate instinct for the job – especially Kim Carter and Ramatu “Mimi” Kamara. You could really see how experienced Kim was, she had a great touch and knew how to take care of my husband. She also had the physical wherewithal to turn him and reposition him in bed regularly during the day which was helpful to me because he was heavy to lift. Both Kim and Mimi taught me a lot about caring for someone who is dying. They
were just so down to earth, and both had a fantastic sense of humor. They had a great rapport with my husband; he really appreciated the care he received from each of them. Yassoukeye Reynolds was also really kind, energetic, and positive. Eric Nkemtaji was gentle and took great care of my husband. I always enjoyed him when he was here. Eric joined my family for our Christmas Eve dinner which was really nice. Mimi had dinner with us a couple of times as well and said grace at meals, wishing that our family would know happiness again. I am forever indebted to all of the Lifematters’ aides who worked for us and am grateful for their kindness and support. Once COVID started becoming prevalent, I was thankful knowing they were willing and able to continue caring for my husband. We took all required precautions, and I am so grateful to Lifematters that these aides were still showing up on the job. I think about them often, even today, a year later. They played a big role in helping the family cope with the loss of my husband and I appreciated the dedication of every single person that came.”-Paula (2021)

“Lifematters was able to help us with our aunt when she was suffering from Dementia. The care
that she got at home from Lisa Hill, Salome Boahemaa, and Stephanie Buabeng was very
helpful since we could not be with her at home as often as was necessary. They were able to take her to appointments and keep her safe at home. Although our time with Lifematters did not last very long due to her needing in-facility care, while they were there with her, we at least had peace of mind that she was safe.”-Reid (2021)

“I always recommend Lifematters to my friends who are looking for care or need help. Caregiver Sarah Owusuwaa was spectacularly good, I give her 5 stars. Joyce Nketiah also really stood out to me. Both Sarah and Joyce had a strong bond with my wife, great communication skills, and were very thoughtful, compassionate, and just overall fantastic. We had a world-class experience with Lifematters, and would recommend them for anyone with late stage Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Your administrative team acted very diligently, promptly, and efficiently. Both Sarah and Joyce have called me several times after my wife passed to check in on me to see how I was doing.”-George (2021)

“I was very appreciative that Life Matters came through in providing me assistance by Rokiatou Bakayoko. I had returned from the hospital following spinal surgery and was desperate for help in managing my daily needs. Rokiatou came the day after my return from the hospital. She could not have been more helpful and caring in demeanor while I was struggling with immense pain from the surgery. I never had to ask her to help me because she was constantly nearby to check on me and kept track of all my needs before I even had to ask for help. She was such a pleasure to have in my apartment at my retirement community as she shared information about herself that made my discomfort much more tolerable because her history was such a pleasant distraction from the discomfort I was experiencing. Rokiatou stayed with me for nearly three weeks, and I felt that her help during the time she was with me spurred on my recovery quicker than anticipated. I truly miss her company and her caring nature the entire time she came to help me. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a comforting, helpful, and caring aide whenever assistance is needed for any daily living needs.”-Julie (2021)

“We had a great experience with Lifematters. Farhana Sultana was fantastic, I wanted to adopt her! She dealt with everything and was very proactive. My husband required a lot of attention during his recovery from back surgery. Farhana was dedicated to understanding his needs, cleaning him up, and keeping him in a “routine” – every morning she would do range of motion exercises with him, it was very professional! I also really enjoyed being around her, I related to her a lot and she really helped me calm down. It was a relief having Lifematters help us so I could take a shower or go to the store. I would definitely recommend Lifematters, and I am thankful that we had such a great caregiver that knew how to care for my husband’s specific
needs!”-Denise (2021)
“Had a spinal injury followed by emergency surgery with postop complications. Came home in a wheelchair unable to walk and Life Matters saved the day with 24/7 assistance and after a week I was able to cut back the hours to 8 hours per day. Now I am fully recovered. Life Matters was very flexible with providing the care I needed. The most impressive care givers were Daniel Antwi (very strong and could carry my wheelchair to the car, also very smart and compassionate. He was always thinking ahead like he could read my mind), Hajah Bundu ( full of energy, smiles and laughter and she pushed me to exercise} and Burnely Ngembus (also very smart and strong and fun to be with). I am very grateful to Life Matters.”-Daniel (2021)

“We engaged Life Matters to care for our 87 year old mom after a fall..Caregivers Eunice, Joyce, Sandrine Nicole and Francisca Aboagye were compassionate, optimistic and resourceful. They truly epitomize, “attitude means everything in nursing!” Francisca Aboagye was ingenious in ensuring my mom was comfortable at night so she could fact, we still reflect and marvel at how the little things in life make all the difference ! Thank you, Eunice and Joyce and Sandrine Nicole and Francisca! You were the key to our mom’s recovery..” -Mary (2021)

“Life Matters responded quickly when my mother needed personal care and attention after a hospital visit left her debilitated. I appreciated in particular the daily reports given by caregivers Lisa Hill and Felicia Amaning. I highly recommend Life Matters caregivers.” -Frances (2021)

“I thought Lifematters did a great job, you took care of both of my parents for a number of years. I found everyone we worked with to be caring and competent, and I was especially pleased with the performance of Agness Oduro and Thayana Thomas – they were loving and caring and would do whatever they needed to do to make my parents comfortable. It was more than a job; it was a relationship.” -Bill (2021)

“Lifematters is the best home care agency in the metro area. Sarah Kebbi has been caring for me for 12 years and is fabulous. I am thankful for her and the wonderful care that she provides. The people at Lifematters establish a relationship with you and truly care about you as a person. Everyone is wonderful. I am pleased to recommend Lifematters to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for your time.” -Amanda (2021)

“Lifematters is a terrific organization, and the caregivers are truly champions for their clients! Lifematters provided an invaluable service for my family for four years. When you love someone like I love my father, knowing that a Lifematters caregiver is taking care of him is priceless. My father passed away in December 2019, but I still keep in touch with several of the Lifematters team. One caregiver, in particular, went above and beyond, and my brother and I described her as “another daughter” since she loved him and truly cared for him as if he was her own father. I really appreciate how they onboard their caregivers and know their hearts.”-Pamela (2021)

“I was thoroughly satisfied with the care I received from Lifematters. My caregiver was friendly, always available to me, and nonintrusive – it just felt perfect. If I ever need care again in the future, I know who to call.” -Phil (2021)

“We have had a remarkably positive relationship with this company and its staff for over 14
years. Vera Boateng provided care and love to my Aunt and brother for the remainder of both
of their lives and nobody could have done a better job. The love and care and compassion (and patience) was incredible.”-Craig (2021)

“The staff was extremely helpful making sure that my mother had the necessary assistance at the appropriate time. They always kept me abreast of changes they noticed as they interacted with my mom. As her memory waned, we increased assistance, as necessary. I am thankful Lifematters was there to provide the daily care needed. It gave me great peace of mind.”-Sandra (2020)

“The care we received from Lifematters was tremendous. I remember one time going to look for my mom in her room her wheelchair and walker were there but she was not. I had a mini panic attack, but then a few minutes later found my mother with her Lifematters aide upstairs – and they were practicing walking together. She helped my mom walk better than I’ve ever seen! I went from being worried about where my mom was, to being absolutely ecstatic because she was walking again with the aide’s help and encouragement.” -Douglas (2020)

“Sandra Glanville was by far my best caregiver. I appreciated it when she took me to my appointments and when she would check on my ankle, massage it, and then put cream on it to make it feel better without me having to ask. She was very proactive and attentive without being overbearing. I will recommend Lifematters to my friends.” -Joel (2020)

“My mother received care through Life Matters when she lived in an apartment at Falcons Landing in Sterling, Virginia. As she has always been a very private person, this was a very difficult step for her. However, her caregiver Zanaib was so kind and so thoughtful that we are
eternally grateful to her. Just the little things like making my mother’s breakfast every morning and serving it on my mother’s pretty china with a beautifully arranged plate of fruit, eggs, toast. That little thing made my mother feel comfortable and well cared for. Of course, there were many other examples of Zainab’s excellent care…” -Carrie (2020)

“Our service with Lifematters was fantastic. Lifematters serviced us on a major holiday weekend at the last minute. Without Lifematters, my mother’s discharge from the hospital
would have been delayed. The caregiver arrived early too! We loved Lifematters and will use you again if we need more care!” -Jill (2020)

“Both of my caregivers were very reliable, especially during the first few days when I needed
to be walked to the restroom, they were both always there. They helped me with food and
made sure I was safe during my showers. I got to know both of them very well, we were very
friendly! I would recommend either one of my past caregivers– Aniqa Islam and Vita Manyari.” -Stuart (2020)

“I needed home care assistance after hip replacement surgery. Two people were assigned to me over a one-week period. For the first 3 days I need 24- hour help. Both caregivers
were excellent. They were reliable, very friendly, and caring. Though they were always ready to help me, they were not overly intrusive. I must caveat this by saying, that other than my immobility, I was rather an easy client. Overall, I was completely satisfied with this service.”
-Bronxboy021451 (2020)

“Lifematters and Lucia Freeman was a godsend to our family. They assisted throughout a very
complicated process, providing care with compassion and empathy. I would highly recommend
their services.” -Sid (2020)

“Lifematters supported us in a time of unanticipated crisis when one of our sons became very ill and experienced encephalitis (brain inflammation). With our medical teams’ guidance, we sought out in-home support so we could keep our son at home (vice hospitalized) while ensuring he remained under watchful, attentive care. There was always at least one parent at
home, so we learned quickly the aides varied widely in experience and initiative, however, one incredible caregiver Ms Uche Nwadili proved to be exceptional with our son. Her kind, non-judgmental overwatch of him during the night shift made him feel safe vs feeling intruded upon. She coaxed him into many winding conversations and in the end soothed his fears, helped him as he wrestled with his illness and afterwards privately shared her conversations with Mom. Under her care, we as parents were able to get a few hours of real sleep. She made all the difference, and we thank the Lifematters team for their rapid response in supporting us and the excellence that Ms Nwadili provided in caring for our son.”-A.T. (2020)

“I proudly write this review with a gracious and humble heart. Lifematters helped me through one of the most trying, difficult times of my life. Even after my need for them ended…my dear dear caretaker Eva remained in constant contact. (She still does!) Lifematters, Eva, and the entire team are amazing, When I needed nothing more than a prayer, it was offered with joy. Healing is not just about the physical body. The emotional support I received and continue to receive is and remains world-class. Wish I could give them 10 stars~”-R.A. (2020)

I am writing to thank you for the care that Lifematters recently provided to my mother while she resided at The Jefferson Assisted Living Facility in Arlington, VA. My mother passed away on –/–, yet for the month prior to her passing, she received 24-hour care from your care providers.

I would like to particularly thank Barbara Fedele for her consistent work in arranging my mother’s provider schedule, sometimes needing to make last minute changes to best serve my mother’s needs. She was very patient and never wavered in her pleasant manner of handling these issues.

I want to thank you for giving my family peace-of-mind and comfort in the fact, that with your support, we did all we could to make mom’s last days, as comfortable as possible.

Although many Life Matters providers assisted my mother, I would like to single out Boile Masiu, Grace Damtse, Marie (Mariama) Adams and Mariam Jah. These ladies patiently and lovingly assisted as my mother dealt with confusion associated with delirium. This could not have been easy for them, yet they handled their work with great compassion and dignity. They kindly kept a very watchful eye to prevent my mother from taking a fall, took her for walks, helped dial mom’s phone to enable her to speak with her daughters, assisted her with dressing as well as eating meals.

I live in California and 3 of my sisters also live out of state. My only sister who lives nearby in Arlington, VA holds a full time job. My mother’s last month proved to be an extremely stressful time on the family as we did our best to make proper decisions regarding her care. Your organization helped shelter much of this strain. I want to thank you for giving my family peace-of-mind and comfort in the fact, that with your support, we did all we could to make mom’s last days, as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for dedicating yourself to the medical health care profession. Perhaps more importantly, thank you for the kindness that you extended to my family.

With warm regards,
Nancy C.