Our Mission & Core Values

Through every action, we make the lives of all those around us better because we care and we can.

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We provide a superior level of service to our clients and their loved ones with great respect for the challenges they face.

  • For our clients and their loved ones – We work tirelessly to provide the highest level of reliable care that facilitates the independence, safety, and dignity of those in our care and to promote peace of mind for their loved ones.
  • For our team – We are a place to grow and a place to stay, where learning and opportunity are limited only by your desire, and where the work we do is meaningful and challenging.
  • For our referral sources – We are an organization deeply committed to enabling caregivers, nursing supervisors and support staff through ongoing learning.   We aspire to be the go-to resource for every kind of caregiver you need in a timely fashion.  We will partner with you to address the client’s needs so that you may refer to us with confidence.


At Lifematters, what draws us together and drives us forward is our individual and shared commitment and effort to be:

  • Resourceful – We do our best with whatever knowledge and tools we have in the moment to immediately serve our clients, those in our care, our referral sources, and each other; and we further test and apply what we learn to better our ability to do our work even better in the future
  • Accountable – We always act in a manner that reflects our belief that the work we do is about the results; we take responsibility for what we do and the impact our actions have
  • Resilient – The work we do is emotionally challenging and allows us the opportunity to make people’s lives better – so we pick each other up when we’re down and celebrate the moments that bring us joy
  • Enthusiastic – We show everyone we encounter every day that we are energized by being able to do well by doing good

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We support a variety of non-profit organizations throughout the region and across the country.