For Professional Caregivers

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Tax Forms

DC Tax Form (D4)

Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate

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Federal Tax Form

Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

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MD Tax Form (MW507)

Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate

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VA Tax Form (VA-4)

Personal Exemption Worksheet

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Nursing License Look Up


DC Nurse Aide & Home Health Aide Registry Search

Tel: (888) 274-6060

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DC LPN, RN & Other Health Professionals

DC Health Professional License Search Tool

Tel: (202) 724-4900

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MD CNA, GNA, LPN, RN & Other Health Professionals

MD Board of Nursing and Professional License Web Lookup

Tel: (410) 585-1900

Toll Free:
(877) 847-0626 (C.N.A./GNA)
(888) 202-9861 (LPN/RN)

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VA CNA, LPN, RN & Other Health Professionals

Virginia License Lookup

Tel: (804) 367-4400

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Nursing License Endorsement

DC CNA Endorsement

Nursing Application for Nurse Aide Certification by Endorsement

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VA CNA Endorsement

VA Department of Health Professionals Initial Application

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Nursing License Renewal

DC CNA Renewal

Registry Renewal Application

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DC Health Professional

DC Health Professional Renewal Application

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MD CNA & GNA Certification Renewal

MD Nursing Assistant Certification Online Renewal System

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MD Fingerprinting Services / Fingerprinting Courses

List of providers for fingering services and courses in the state of MD.

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MD LPN & RN Certification Renewal

Maryland Certification Renewal Application

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VA CNA, LPN, RN & Other

Virginia Department of Health Online Licensing

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DC Health Resources

Hepatitis Service Locations in DC

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Tuberculosis Control

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MD Health Resources

Hepatitis A & B

Tel: (301) 583-3150

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Immunization Program

Tel: (240) 777-1050

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Montgomery County

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Montgomery County Hepatitis B & C Testing

Tel: (240) 777-1760

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VA Health Resources

Lord Fairfax District Community Health Services

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VADH Health Topics A-Z

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Virginia Department of Health

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HeartCode® BLS


Lifespan Network


Silver Pages Training


Lifematters Resources

MatrixCare Telephony Guide

Instructions for users of MatrixCare to clock in and out using the client’s or facility’s telephone.