Where can I find a list of helpful resources for issues of interest to aging adults?

We recommend this list that the New York times published. It has a number of helpful links and resources.

There are so many services and options out there. How do I know if they are reputable?

Lifematters was developed by professionals who have worked in senior care for most of their careers, and they love what they do. They have a comprehensive understanding of what older adults want and need in terms of living space, care, activities and meals. So we can help develop a care plan that meets your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

Is a home consultation offered prior to starting care?

A qualified Lifematters manager or nurse will discuss your situation, answer your questions, and establish your need for home care. In addition, they will make an appointment to meet with you and your family to assess and identify your specific needs.

Will there be a written plan of care outlining the duties of the caregiver?

A customized, detailed care plan will be completed by a Lifematters registered nurse for all cases mandated by local licensing regulations. It will be reviewed with a Lifematters client services director, staffing coordinator and assigned caregivers.

What services are included in Lifematters’ personal care?

Lifematters care services can include a full home consultation, detailed written care plan, supervisory visits, personal care and help with activities of daily living, including medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation, companionship, respite care, and laundry.

You will have a dedicated staffing coordinator to ensure your shifts are staffed to your expectations.

When should I start care management services?

There is no right answer to this question. We are able to step in and assist you at any time. We can start when you think you require a more supportive living environment, during the loss of a family member, when you are in the hospital, when you need home care services or after a medical diagnosis. If you need the help, that is the right time. Call us to discuss your unique situation.

How can family members who live out of the area provide care from a distance?

Lifematters Care Management services can help family members located out of the area remain in touch and keep you in connected regarding your loved one. Through phone calls, e-mails, text messages, Skype, and FaceTime you are connected and part of the “care team”.

Does Lifematters also offer skilled care services?

Lifematters offers a full range of skilled services provided by licensed and trained LPNs (licensed practical nurses) and RNs (registered nurses). All skilled care cases are supervised by Lifematters RNs.

Is transportation available?

Transportation as part of your care program is available. Our client services directors will determine if you need someone who has their own vehicle or if you prefer to use your own vehicle. Whether you require assistance in getting to a doctor’s appointment, shopping, or if you just want a ride to visit a friend, we can help.

What is the average cost of Lifematters services?

There is no average cost for home care and care management services because each situation is unique. Lifematters has various levels of professionals; with different levels of fees. The best suggestion is to contact us to discuss your unique situation. You can also read our blog post to learn more about costs for home care and care management.

What other costs could be associated with Lifematters’ care?

You may be responsible for a premium rate on holidays, or mileage charges when a caregiver uses their own vehicle for transportation or errands.

How often will I be billed?

Lifematters billing procedures can vary based on services provided. A Lifematters representative will clarify monthly billing procedures and options for you, including when payment is due to the company.

Does Lifematters bill long-term care insurance? Will they assist with getting services pre-authorized?

As an agency that is licensed throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Lifematters can bill your long-term care insurance company on your behalf. Additionally, we will assist you with submitting all documentation needed to determine your eligibility and begin your insurance payments.

Does insurance cover the costs of care management?

Currently, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost of Care Management services, nor do most insurance policies. Some Long Term Care Policies may reimburse you a portion of your service. We are happy to review your policy with you to assess if Lifematters Care Management services are covered.

What are Lifematters’ hiring practices?

Unlike many home care companies, we don’t hire independent contractors. Our caregivers are all Lifematters’ employees and each of them is an integral part of our home care company.
All caregivers complete a thorough interview process that includes:

  • Review of their previous work experience
  • Years of caregiving
  • Medical and healthcare experience and certifications
  • Past work reference checks
  • License requirements
  • Verification to determine their eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Required vaccinations and/or other medical checks
  • National criminal background check
  • Lifematters own certified nursing assistant (CNA) test, along with a skills assessment and company policy and procedure orientation
  • Interviews by a panel that includes client services, clinical, and human resources associates
  • In addition, all Lifematters caregivers are employed by Lifematters, so they are licensed and covered by company workers’ compensation and liability insurance

What type of training is provided?

Lifematters provides ongoing training and assessments for our caregivers that include:

  • All federal- and state-required in-service programs to insure that caregiver licenses are up to date and in good standing
  • Regular comprehensive competency assessment by a registered nurse
  • Training programs provided by appropriate local and national associations including (but not limited to):
    • Alzheimer’s Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    • Hospice

Lifematters also provides:

    • Basic training in personal care, hygiene, medication assistance, mobility and transferring, nutrition, and home management
    • Training programs in specialized areas, such as wound care
    • Training programs in partnership with affiliated partners, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, The ALS Association, The Parkinson’s Foundation, and others
    • Ongoing monthly in-home services (low sodium, vegetarian, Kosher and Halal dietary requirements, CPR, aphasia, symptoms of UTI)
    • Regular comprehensive competency assessment by registered nurses
    • Oxygen safety in the home
    • Diabetic diet and nutrition counseling by licensed dieticians
    • Cultural training
    • Depression recognition
    • Hospitality training