Gloria* first met Joan* as a young employee in an attorney’s office in Edinburgh in 1947. For six decades, Gloria and Joan remained friends, but over the last several years, Gloria contacted Joan less and less as her dementia gradually progressed. After Gloria moved into an assisted living community, Joan continued to write letters to Gloria hoping to re-connect with her.

Gloria, as one of Care Options/Lifematters’ long-time clients, has both an Aging Life Care Manager™ who coordinates her care and a Friendly Visitor, Kelly*, who spends time with Gloria each week to provide companionship. During one of her visits, Kelly noticed a note from Joan in Gloria’s room. Kelly remembered that Gloria often spoke about Joan and did some research to find Joan’s number. With Kelly’s help, Gloria made a call to Joan, and though the conversation was a bit stunted, both women felt cheered by the sound of a familiar voice. Kelly has agreed to coordinate future phone calls, enabling the two long-time friends to stay in touch.

The story above is just one example of how our Friendly Visitors help their clients stay engaged with their specific interests and the community around them. Other specialized activities that Friendly Visitors have assisted with in the past include swimming, gardening, and cultural outings. Whether it’s reconnecting with old friends and past interests or exploring new activities, our Friendly Visitors provide personalized companionship services based around the client’s needs.

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*Names changed to protect confidentiality.