Jimmy Potters owns and operates Jimmy Potters Studio and Workshop in Fairfax, VA, and he graciously spoke to us about the benefits of clay therapy for seniors and those who may be suffering from conditions such as depression or dementia. From using hands and muscles to work and shape the clay, to the satisfaction of creating a finished piece, Jimmy explains (and demonstrates) how working with clay provides therapeutic benefits for both the body and the mind.

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Jimmy Potters provides instruction on using the potters wheel.

Hello, my name is Jimmy Potters. I am the owner of Jimmy Potters Studio. We are located in Fairfax, Virginia. Our goal is to enrich the community through ceramics and the fine art medium. The therapeutic benefits of clay are almost endless. It is such a unique and creative outlet and the artist really feels that they’re in control of the medium.

350 million people deal with depression and they also have anxiety. Studies have shown that when people are exposed to clay therapy and other forms of pretty much art therapy, they exhibit more improvement in depressive symptoms, general health and body, mind, spirit, and well-being.

Clay therapy has shown to be useful in treating depression. It’s been shown that when you have a hobby, especially one that involves creating something that’s hands-on — whether you’re painting or making pottery — it’s been proven to give a sense of accomplishment to the individual. This feeling leads to increased positive thinking, which treats the depression.

So for those who are suffering with dementia, it really makes them happy. It brings life to people. They’re definitely more aware. They’re definitely happier. They’re definitely more social. They really get to express themselves. When working with seniors at a facility, I noticed that seniors are more happy. They actually wanna get out of their apartment more and be more social and be more engaged. When we give residents a finished piece of pottery that they have created, they definitely have the biggest smile on their faces. We noticed that there is a sense of accomplishment that they had created on their own, which just leads to a positive experience.

We would definitely like to get more of the senior citizens more engaged in hands-on activities, whether if it’s painting, whether if it’s ceramics. Just doing something hands-on will definitely impact their lives and that’s really our goal. Just a happier community. A happier community, a more social community and a more engaging community, through hands-on art making.

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