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Famous Scammer Reveals His Secrets on Protecting Yourself From Scams

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June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and a local AARP-sponsored at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus featured an appearance by renowned scammer Frank Abagnale. Abagnale's name rose to prominence after the release of his book, "Catch Me if You Can," and the Steven Spielberg movie of the same name where he was [...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Daily Money Managers

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In this installment of "5 Questions," Kay Bransford, Founder and President of MemoryBanc, answers 5 questions about working with Daily Money Managers to help manage the finances of a parent or family member. As Kay explains, working with a support team that may include either a Daily Money Manger, an Aging Life [...]

Combatting the Epidemic of Loneliness in Seniors

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We live in an age where we can communicate with friends and family members across the country and around the globe with a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a smart phone screen. However, despite advances in communications technology and the increasing connectedness it brings, research indicates that, as a society, we are lonelier than we have ever been. Perhaps no other age group feels the keen sting of loneliness more than the elderly.

The Power of a Comprehensive Assessment: A Case Study

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Families often call me when they don’t know what do to next.  They know that they need help because they are feeling overwhelmed and health or safety issues are escalating, but they don’t know exactly what would help them. A comprehensive assessment is a way for a family to get a better understanding of the [...]