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Is It Asthma, or COPD? How to Tell the Difference – and How Home Care Can Help.

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Coughing that just won’t go away. Shortness of breath. Wheezing. Sounds like an asthma attack, right? Before reaching for the inhaler or those over-the-counter cough drops, however, it might be time to consider if another culprit – COPD – could be a factor. With as many as 12,000 million Americans currently living with COPD (and [...]

What to Expect After a COPD Diagnosis

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As unusual as it sounds, there are times when receiving a definitive diagnosis for debilitating symptoms can actually bring a great deal of relief. Finally, you have a name for the condition, and a plan can be put into place to treat it! This is definitely the case with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). If [...]

Five Questions To Ask When Diagnosed with a Chronic, Acute, or Serious Illness

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The onset of a chronic, acute or serious illness can bring unexpected changes and leave you feeling uncertain. The key to regaining control is to get involved in your treatment plan, get informed about the disease and plan ahead. […]