Earlier this month, our Care Management team invited Paul Burden of Our Voice to reprise his presentation from the January DC Senior Resource Group on the rapidly-growing market of voice first technology and how it can improve the lives of seniors. Much is being said these days about the emergence of voice first technology as a solution to the needs of aging adults; and, with voice first becoming smarter, less expensive and easier to use, the barriers for seniors are gradually coming down and allowing them to interact in ways never before possible.

We sat down with Paul following his presentation to kick off our “5 Questions” interview series to get his thoughts on the impact voice first technology can have for seniors and their families. From phone and video calls with loved ones to internet searches to ordering groceries, Paul discussed just a few of the many functions voice technology is capable of and what the future may hold in store.

Many thanks to Paul as well as to Larmax Homes for letting us host our meeting and record our interview at their gorgeous, new memory care center on Seven Locks Road in Bethesda.

About 5 Questions

The “5 Questions” interview series was created to provide community education and awareness around topics, products and services in the areas of aging in place and caring for chronic illnesses. If you have a topic to suggest or would like to be interviewed as part of this series, please contact Todd Bayliss at (301) 543-8056.

Participation in this series does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Lifematters of the products or services presented by the speakers. While Lifematters does partner with these and other local organizations to coordinate the best plan of care for our clients, this information is provided for educational purposes only.