Palliative Care: What Is It and How Is It Different from Hospice?

Palliative Care: What Is It and How Is It Different from Hospice? Read the full article at:

The Impenetrable Fortress: Accepting Assistance

As a Social Worker who has dedicated her professional career to working with older adults, one of my challenges has been working with older adult couples who are in need of assistance and they refuse help. I have found that couples who have a 40 plus year relationship, married or partnered to be steadfast in… Read more »

Why is “HELP” a Four- Letter Word?

We value independence so much in our life and then at exactly the age we need help, we deny it. I understand. The joy I see on my granddaughter’s face as she takes her first steps is the definition of independence. I vividly remember getting the keys to my first car and the pride I… Read more »

New Study Finds Prevalence of Dementia Could Be Declining

JAMA, published by the American Medical Association, announced on November 21, 2016, the results of its most recent study which indicate dementia prevalence declined significantly, from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012. The national study of more than 21,000 diverse senior citizens can be found here. JAMA’s findings are significant, if not somewhat surprising since… Read more »

Einstein and Penn State Researchers Awarded $12.2 Million to Study Alzheimer’s Disease | Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Penn State University have been awarded $12.2 million to study Alzheimer’s disease using smartphones.