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“Gladys is a home run caregiver. She is so loving and thoughtful. Thank you!”


“Mercy was excellent in all areas, and certainly sets a high example as to what home care is all about. She was immediately accepted as one of our family, and we all looked forward to having her in our home. Lifematters sets a standard for your profession.”


Your CNAs and LPNs were a very caring and professional team, assisting our family under crisis situations with vigilance. It was helpful to have professionals monitoring machines, changing positions, meds, and keeping his bedding dry and straight. Everyone’s priorities meshed together to keep my husband comfortable. Chuck went without panic or physical pain.”


“I knew the decision I was about to make for my family was huge, and you made it easy. I want to commend you and the ladies you have hired and trained for making our experience a smooth one…Your caregivers not only provided personal care, but spiritual care…We were in and out of the house at all hours and not once did we see our caregivers watching TV or talking on the phone. They were in the chair right next to my mother, answering her questions…Whatever she needed at that moment…they listened to us reminisce… they comforted her when she cried…they prayed with her and for her… they also took time to ask how we were and listened to us during the process of our mother making her journey.”


“I would like to express my gratitude to all your employees who worked with such compassion and skill with my husband John. They were always professional, gentle, and eager to help both him and me. Our first introduction to your service was with David, who arrived on a Wednesday morning at 7:15 am, 45 minutes early. His car was in the shop and he used public transportation and walked the last two miles to our home for three days before his car was repaired. David treated John with dignity bathing and dressing him. He encouraged and led him through his physical therapy regime, read articles to him from the NY Times, and played cards with him. He ironed his sheets so he would not develop sores from wrinkles or bumps. In a difficult situation, he helped John feel safe and valued, and I felt confident enough to return to work, knowing John was in excellent care.”


“It was difficult for my mom and dad to adjust to the role of a caregiver in their home. Ami treated them both with caring and compassion, quickly winning my dad’s trust and his willingness to let her assist with his needs. She had a wonderful way of respecting his dignity, yet still pushing him to do the tasks he resisted to keep him safe, clean and healthy. Most importantly, she brought so much light and positive energy to their home. Her spirit filled the room every time she entered… I could see my dad light up like a dear friend had come to visit. I felt like Ami had become part of our family, and she certainly cared for my dad as if he were a beloved member of hers… I know you employ many capable people who conscientiously care for their patients every day, but Ami brings a joyful spirit and commitment that few, to my mind, could match. Caregiving appears to be her true calling in life, and my entire family is immeasurably grateful that my dad received her compassionate care.”


“Stacy paid true attention to Mom, being proactive when she discovered needs, using creativity to help Mom solve problems as they arose…I witnessed her professional friendliness with neighbors and hospital nurses…she helped keep Mom calm in emergency rooms and found new foods (and cooked endless batches of her egg salad) when Mom had difficult eating…she did Mom’s grocery shopping and was scrupulously honest…Mom felt cared about as well as cared for. Stacey easily formed relationships with each member of the family, understanding our concerns and our different availabilities…Those of us who love Mom felt better knowing Stacy was with her.”


“I cannot say enough for how well Trudy cared for my Father. She kept him neat and clean and, importantly for a man for whom pride in his appearance was important, always ensured that he had his dress shirt and signature bow tie on right…We could relax and be confident that he was in kind and loving hands.”


“Alice handled what started out as a very difficult and demanding situation with patience, humor and tact that would have done a senior diplomat proud. Then, when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in early June, Alice let us know that she was there for the duration and would look after her until the end, however long that might be.”


“Carl was not just Dad’s caregiver …he was his friend. He gently pushed him to do more than he thought he could do. Carl is our angel.”


“I want to thank you and the Lifematters staff for the good help and attention you provided throughout our time with you. Yomi has been a Godsend for us! She has been so very capable, patient and thoughtful with my mother. Always punctual, professional, productive and very efficient, Yomi had a lovely attitude and was very good natured. My mother developed a wonderful rapport with Yomi and began to look forward to Mondays, when she would return. Always supportive, warm-hearted and kind, Yomi genuinely cared about the humanity of the service she provided. Whoever is blessed enough to have Yomi care for their precious loved one will have themselves a genuine treasure!


“George is wonderful! He has a great attitude, is highly energetic, takes initiative, shows calm and patience when needed, and has been totally accepted by my husband who was initially opposed to having an aide at home. Many thanks for saving him for us.”


“I’ve been meaning to write you to let you know what a remarkable person Cecelia is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. I call her “an angel from heaven.” Our affection and satisfaction grows each and every day…she is warm, kind, attentive, professional, and a truly beautiful human being. Having someone in the home and needing assistance was hard for my mother, but mom is so comfortable and content with Cecelia, it makes my heart sing. This is a woman who didn’t have to learn how to give care; this is a woman who innately gives care.”


“I just wanted to bring to your attention the amazing care and compassion that Adele is providing my client. She has been wonderful from the start but now, during the end of my client’s life, she is a true treasure. This client has struggled connecting to caregivers in the past and Adele managed to get her to open her heart and home and allowed her to care for her 24/7…literally every day and night. She has amazed me with her professionalism, kindness and compassion. Thank you for placing Adele with this client and for having such amazing caregivers on your staff.