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Friendly Visitors

Friendly Visitors

Social Companions

Social isolation is an unfortunate fact of life for many aging adults and their families. The inability to drive, be physically active or remember details may significantly limit a person’s ability to maintain friendships and interests or simply do errands and shopping. Our Friendly Visitor service provides both an important practical and social benefit to our clients and also brings piece of mind to their families.

Our Friendly Visitors are college educated social companions who share a genuine interest in helping our clients remain engaged, involved and enjoying daily life. Following a brief assessment of a client’s needs and interests, a Friendly Visitor is personally matched with a client to foster a strong relationship. After each visit, the Friendly Visitor prepares a brief summary of the outing which provides timely feedback for family and others involved in the individual’s care..

At home or out-and-about, our Friendly Visitors bring an energy and enthusiasm to our clients and greatly enhance their social and emotional well-being.

With flexible hours, including weekends, visits are customized for each client and could include the following activities:

  • Transportation to religious services and medical appointments.
  • Accompany to social and cultural outings.
  • Assist with errands and shopping.
  • Maintain personal calendar, schedule appointments, read and sort mail.
  • Work on hobbies and crafts together.
  • Plan fun outings together for lunch, movies, museums and other interests.
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The journey with my client is very heart-warming. When I first became involved with my client, the only person in her life was her sister who died shortly thereafter. For her to have lived as long as she did and have had so many people who cared about and for her is really amazing. Thank you all!!!

— Paul, Attorney